Protekta AF1 is used as Biocide wash solution.Protekta AF1 can be used on new surfaces,Protekta AF1 & Protekta AF2 can be used on old surfaces where algae and fungal growth are found.Protekta AF2 protects fungal Growth. Suitable for interior and exterior surface.


Concrete under certain conditions suffer damage and degradation by bacteria, fungi, insects and algae etc. It is generally found that any areas where the building is exposed to moisture and specially in rainy seasons, fungus algae grows on interior and exterior of the building. Infact the environment offers nutrients and moisture, which these microorganisms need to grow. Besides damaging the concrete, paint and aesthetics of the building these growths are extremely dangerous to our health. We have now developed water based, non-hazardous, non-toxic products Protekta AF1 and Protekta AF2.The fungal growth inside house and algae growth outside house is very common problem that the building owners face. Therefore it is important to give due consideration to these problems.