Treatment On + Ve Side:
After PCC Has Been Laid, GrouAt Protekta SB Mixed With Protekta SS And Catalyst At Regular Intervals Of Every 1 M Center To Center.  This Grout Material Has Property Of Expanding When It Comes In Contact With Water.  It Forms A Water Impervious Layer And Prevents Travel Of Water To The Top Of PCC.
Spray Of Protekta Base On Pcc Surface Towards Porosity Reduction.
Application Of A Slurry Prepared With Protex B & Protekta Slm.  This Layer Is A Hard Layer & Will Be Abrasion Resistant.
A Coat Of Protekta Ceal 540 On Concrete
Treatment On –Ve Side
Injection/Grouting At A Regular Intervals At All Joints Between Floor And Column Joints And Construction Joints