*   Brush Coat Of Protekta Base Followed By Protekta Flexjoint Surrounding The Bore Area.
*   Coat Protekta Flexjoint And Smear Silica Sand For Better Adhesion Between PVC Pipe And Concrete
*   Provide Shuttering From Bottom After Pipe Is Installed.
*   Fill Up The Bore With Protekta Sealant 500 Based Mortar Using 6mm Down Size Jelly.
*   Brush Coat Of Protekta Flexjoint Above The Protekta Sealant 500 Based Mortar To Ensure Sealing Of Pipe To Screed
*   Testing Of 24 Hours.
*   After Tile Laying Fill The Gap Around The Pipe With Protekta  Sealant 500 Based Mortar And Brush Coat Of Protekta
*   Final Testing For 7 Days.