Vinyl Pergolas
Vinyl pergolas are crafted from wood-alternative cellular vinyl materials and command a grand presence around your property. We can create a handsome vinyl pergola as an extension of your home, as an elegant walkway, and as encouragement to your favorite climbing plants. Your vinyl pergola promises to be distinctive, stylish, and handcrafted to the highest standards that customers expect from GLOBAL CARE INC.,.

Solid Cellular Vinyl
Taking our cue from customers who want to spend less time maintaining their homes and more time to enjoy their outdoor areas, GLOBAL CARE INC., has become the leading fabricator of low maintenance solid cellular vinyl. Unlike other vinyl, this advanced solid cellular material has the look and feel of natural wood. It is almost impossible to see the difference at a glance. Available in GLOBAL CARE INC., Collection, solid cellular vinyl products will not rot or warp, flake or peel, maintaining great looks with little to no upkeep, providing years of enjoyment.
Solid cellular vinyl is milled, crafted, and fabricated like wood by skilled GLOBAL CARE INC., to support our experienced staff and to complete intricate projects to exacting specifications; we have invested in advanced computer controlled CNC milling equipment. Our special molding ovens help us shape and curve sheets of solid cellular vinyl to economically create custom architectural details.
GLOBAL CARE INC., has become the leader in the use of this remarkable material through research and development of advanced adhesives, laminating techniques, innovative reinforcement and state-of-the-art paint finishes.

Hollow Vinyl
GLOBAL CARE INC., family of economical high sheen, maintenance free hollow vinyl fencing is offered in white and in tan. It is fabricated to our highest standards with styles that replicate GLOBAL CARE INC., classics, including picket, board, post and rail, and lattice fence, and matching gates.
The vinyl on our posts is 0.25 thick, which is twice as thick as those offered by most other fence companies. Vinyl seats provide more surface areas at the base of our posts, significantly reducing post settling. Where appropriate, our hollow vinyl fence is structurally reinforced with aluminum bottom rails to ensure years of support without sagging. There are no visible fasteners, so each side of your fence replicates the other.
For our hollow vinyl gates, GLOBAL CARE INC. uses a proprietary hinge system that delivers good looks and proper support. We maintain a solid gate hinge performance through aluminum reinforcement in the gate rails, PVC space filler, and an interlocking carriage bolt and acorn nut. Together, this system secures the hinge and the gate to the aluminum reinforced gatepost. Nothing is lacking in style, detail, and painstaking craftsmanship.